From the first time I held my dad's Minolta in the late eighties, I was hooked.  In high school, I was the yearbook photographer. In my junior year of high school I worked as a photographers assistant at Olan Mills where I worked for a few months before accepting a position at Expressly Portraits.  I was promoted several times, eventually becoming Studio Manager.  

Fast forward well over a decade.  I have always been the photographer in the family.  I always had a camera in hand, always.  Photography has always been the constant in my life.  Here I am today, still passionate about people and my craft.  I am excited to dive back into photography with the same amount of vigor that I had in my twenties (well, almost... No Marilyn Manson concerts for me or WWE events).  :)

My absolute favorite part of being a portrait photographer is having the privilege in watching children grow up, families starting and helping them preserve those milestone memories along the way. 

Sometimes it is simply the silly moments that we often take for granted... The ones that we cherish as when we see the pictures later in life.  

I've been blessed to have taken client's senior portraits, and when she became a mommy I was asked to take her child's newborn portraits.  Eighteen years flew by and before I knew it, I was asked to take that very same little baby's senior portraits. 

Time, it goes by too quickly.  

Let me preserve those special moments for you.  

Let me capture your memories. 

Let me help tell your story.