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#CY365 Fresh Start It's the first of the year and like many, I welcome a fresh canvas.  I have been inspired by a someone who is an amazing mommy, friend,  fellow photographer, and all around awesome person to BLOG. Her name is Megan Soto of Megan Soto Photography in Florida.

Life is crazy as a small business owner, we wear many hats and so, I am going push myself to blog every.single.day in 2016.

Day 1: Fresh Start                                                        A fresh start is different for everyone, for me it's a multistep process... First, I am firm believer of letting go of what's hurting you and the resentment that eats you alive while you let it fester. Secondly, apologize for things you do or may have done that hurt someone in the past and your paths cross again.  Finally, being a good person.  I don't remember at what point in my life when my "Jiminy Crickett" left my side however, as children we still have that gut feeling, a sense of guilt if we did something bad... I think as teenagers we grow out of it.  About ten years ago, I decided I wanted that balance in my life again. I learned that I needed to really make an effort to give consideration whether or not I was being honest when I spoke (little white lies included), acted with pure intent, and be unselfish... 

"My Fresh Start" is embodied in a journal and daily meditation books.