Day 6 - #CY365 | Push Myself

Yep.  The struggle is real today. My home feels like a toy store relocated their overstock in my livingroom only to have a toynado distroy any attempts to straighten, organize, or just make it seem less of an eyesore. I love my toddler even though she has been a tyrant lately! Ah yes, getting back to the topic at hand... "Push Myself" I am constantly on the fence, do I just clean up the mess which would be easier and quicker?  Do I continue to try to teach her to pick up her toys, (which is a push) when I could just put myself out of my misery and do it without fighting with her...  It boils down to a grown woman who still operates on 'ID' (S. Freud) as I lack patience in that regard.


I could just leave it... Resistance is futile when it comes to a toddler.  #shesthehappiesttoddlerontheblock #shespoiled #daddylastnameshouldbeschwartz #toydonationisinthefuture