Yellow Ribbon Mini Session Campaign to benefit Kayla Hoover

Occasionally life introduces us to someone who inspires us to appreciate what we have, and what we don't... Like one of your children diagnosed with cancer. 

I recently came across a Facebook page named "Prayers for Kayla". It was Kayla's birthday, the outpouring of love by the page followers made me tear up. Kayla just wants to go to high school, this year she is a Freshman. So young, so courageous, so positive.. Not giving up the fight. 

I thought about her mom, as I am a mom and my heart hurt for her.  No parent should have to watch their child go through this, ever.  I was humbled, the more I read and found out about Kayla and her family. Here, I was frustrated with my screaming toddler and college sophomore decision to over-extend himself once again. In comparison, my frustrations with my life seem insignificant compared to Kayla's mom. I hugged my children more than ever as a result, knowing that while raising children can and is challenging at times, they are the biggest part of my heart existing outside of my body.

September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month.  I want Kayla, her little sister, and her mom to have a wonderful holiday season. I don't want her mom to worry about putting food on the table for Thanksgiving, or putting gifts under the Christmas tree because of medical bills, or the inability to work so she can be with Kayla. 

 Photography by Studio Eleven will donate $50 to Kayla's mom for each Yellow Ribbon Mini Session that occurs in the month of September.   There are three dates available, each with sessions every 30 minutes, starting at 9am and ending at 5pm.  That's 16 sessions for each 3 days... That's $2400. I challenge you to take advantage of this opportunity by booking online now:

 To follow Kayla's journey and give support, find Prayers for Kayla on Facebook:

 Booking opens Saturday, August 20th!  

Booking opens Saturday, August 20th!